Custom Shoes

DUE TO CURRENT EVENTS CUSTOM IS CLOSED (I have no idea when / if we will go back to custom). MEANWHILE, WE HAVE SWITCHED TO MAKING STOCK ONLY, AND LISTING WEEKLYISH. I am having so much fun!!! This collection has been left on the site to show customers what may be available in stock next. Each new batch is a bit of a 'fairy shoe lucky dip' as it's a 'wait and see what's next' affair :)

Handmade fairy tale shoes for Woodland and Whimsy hearts. Current colours and sizing instructions are shown on each listing. Please allow 48 hours during busy times for me to confirm order details. I make many styles, but only those shown below are available to custom order, (it keeps things fresh in the workshop and helps reduce any risk of insanity). Opening dates for closed listings are advertised in advance on social media. 


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