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Inspired by the self reliant, brave little 'outy', Spiller. He was a true Woodzie if ever there was one and avoiding being 'seen' requires silent, go anywhere footwear... Leaf applique on the outer quarters, any of our 3 signature toe shapes, with a super comfortable seamless body and central lacing to adjust fit. These look wonderful for costume or everyday use, especially good for rambling. The deep lacing allows adjustment across the instep. Especially good in woodland colours.

FEATURES - Seamless body / Tongueless / Laced top.
TOE SHAPE - Round / Side point / Centre point.
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"Spiller, a socially awkward but resourceful young borrower from the wrong side of the tracks." Mary Norton, The Borrowers

Please tag your shares #myfairysteps so we can all see what magical adventures yours have taken you on. So cameras pointing down and snap those lovely feet. I've added a few here to get you started.

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