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Six eye, above ankle height, Victorian inspired boot. Spindle has a curvy top line with a very feminine cut. Choose  for a very unique boot. This is such a pretty style, equally suited to leggings or skirts. A pair of these are like a hug for your feet. Long lace for ankle wrapping.

Height of boot from insole to boot top: approx 15 cm.

FITTING - They feature a deep opening on the vamp allowing easy access for wide or problem feet. 
TOE SHAPE - Any of our 3 signature toe shapes.
FASTENING - Ribbons or lacing.
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"I had wings once, and they were strong. They could carry me above the clouds and into the headwinds, and they never faltered. Not even once." Maleficent.

Please tag your shares #myfairysteps so we can all see what magical adventures yours have taken you on. So cameras pointing down and snap those lovely feet. I've added a few here to get you started.

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