UK 5 WILLO Boot #3435

UK 5 WILLO Boot #3435

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The other side of the Wisp boot, as in 'Willo the Wisp'. Very different to Wisp with straight tops, round toe shape and double blooms on the outer quarters. Simple single colour boot with adjustable laced top. These look stunning with leggings or skirts, raggle taggle gypsy or smart, work or play. Shoes must be fairly snug initially to allow for give in the leather.

Handcrafted in leather colour: Evergreen (a really dark matt finish green)

If you have any difficulty in decided what is the best size for you please do get in touch and let me know your measurements and usual shoe size. Customers nearly always size down in Faerysteps. See SIZE CHART tab to see if these will fit.

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