UK 6 HOMILY Shoe #3344

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Inspired by Mary Nortons famous childrens novel, The Borrowers and the indefatigable Homily Clock. Pod could easily have made these for his wife. This pretty shoe has a big leather button and band detailing coupled with a rounded toe. Open styles like this, must be fairly snug initially to allow for give in the leather.

Handcrafted in leather colour: Moody blue

If you have any difficulty in decided what is the best size for you please do get in touch and let me know your measurements and usual shoe size. Customers often size down in Faerysteps. See SIZE CHART tab to see if these will fit.

"My mother's family never had nothing but a little bone thimble which they shared around. But it's once you've had a tea cup, if you know what I mean…"
Homily Clock