UK 6 SPILLER Shoe #3338

UK 6 SPILLER Shoe #3338

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Inspired by the self reliant, brave little 'outy', Spiller. He was a true Woodzie if ever there was one and avoiding being 'seen' requires silent, go anywhere footwear... He had the conker brown colourway shown... with leaf applique on the outer quarters, round toe shape and central lacing. A minimalist variation of our Thisbe shoe. These look wonderful for costume or everyday use, especially good for rambling. The lacing allows slight adjustment across the widest part of the foot and the instep. Shoes must be fairly snug initially to allow for give in the leather. 

Handcrafted in leather colour: Conker brown / Greenwood

If you have any difficulty in decided what is the best size for you please do get in touch and let me know your measurements and usual shoe size. Customers often size down in Faerysteps. See SIZE CHART tab to see if these will fit.

"Spiller, a socially awkward but resourceful young borrower from the wrong side of the tracks."
Mary Norton, The Borrowers