Established in 2002 and loving every day since, Fairysteps has been a joy to be a part of.

We are a Mr & Mrs team of two who specialise in creating unique, often one of a kind, footwear and accessories. Inspired by the magical place in which we live and work, Fairysteps boots and shoes are wearable works of art. It's what we excel at, being able to create footwear that not only look and feel sublime, but, are also part of a limited edition few.  Each pair is a combination of inspiration, heart and hands.

Years of pattern perfecting has brought us to the current collection. Timeless styles, suitable for everyday wear, be it, weddings, dancing at festivals or a day at work, Fairysteps are designed to go anywhere.

We make the shoes from this collection in sizes UK 3 to 8 in timeless colours as limited edition stock. Any one of these styles will be on our work tables at any given time. It's like a very exciting lucky dip :) New stock is always announced in advance on the appointed day via social media. Do follow for updates, including and potential Custom Listing slots.

My own personal heroes are Miss Price from 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks', Homily Clock from 'The Borrowers' and probably, because this is who I am most alike, both in looks and dress, as well as temperament, (because she was a bit of a recluse too)... 'Winnie the Witch'. I like to keep things real ;)

A word about Instagram... Some of my happiest, early memories, are of my Mum with her trusty Polaroid camera tucked under her arm, always ready to capture the moment. To me, Instagram is like my 1970's childhood all over again. I use it daily to document work and play.

Ren x The Fairy Shoemaker

*I am Fairysteps / Faerysteps. Both are the same, it's just that I often use both spellings :)